About Us

Suresh Associates is a provider of multi-discipline Project Management and information management services.

Suresh Associates also takes care of the documentation part of the projects. We handle everything from ground breaking till handover of keys.

We have built projects all over the south India for a wide range of Commercial, Hospitality, Residential and Industrial customers. We work closely with our customers in projects, providing everything from single discipline engineering to turnkey designs including concept, basic and detailed engineering, as well as documentation and final as-built drawings. Our In-house Design team has successfully developed different module concepts. Our project managers ensure high quality in complex projects where Time, Cost, Quality and Quantity need to be managed in a controlled and in efficient way. We always demonstrate the highest level of safety consciousness in all projects.

Our Project Management Consulting services include:

  • Undertake Project Briefing
  • Design & Specification Studies
  • Site Investigation & Feasibility
  • EMS Study(environment management studies)
  • Prepare Project Strategy
  • Prepare Phasing Strategy
  • Vendor & Procurement Systems
  • Master Scheduling of Work
  • Document Control Systems
  • Client Reporting

Procurement assistance services

  • Preparation of Material
  • Preparation of Purchase requisitions
  • Evaluating budgetary offers from Vendors
  • Preparation of Tender Documents
  • Participation in Pre-Bid Meetings with Vendors
  • Technical Bid Evaluation.


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