Suresh Associates offers Turn-key Designing, Quantity Surveying, & Project / construction Management,. The wide range of services being offered by the Company under one roof becomes strength in individual areas of operation. Each section is well equipped with qualified and experienced professionals, Excellent standards and vast database.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers and provide the highest levels of professionalism.

We work extensively with corporate/ Commercial projects, Residential Projects, Hospitality projects, Industrial projects, Institutional projects and Pharma/ Bio Tech Project. We provide our clients with innovative solutions to help them in obtaining the optimal design as per the requirement, or improve existing ones.

Using a Project Management consultancy allows you to draw on its invaluable experience, since consultants work with a broad array of many organizations they help to explore many other options to the organization to select the most promising option to implement.

Initially We help clients to improve bussines performance by giving them the complete picture (Time, Cost, Quality & Quantity).

We provide highly experienced program managers and project managers with the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives.

We bring together project managers, building surveyors, quantity surveyors, Architects, and interior designers, services consultants and contractors to support our clients in the construction, refurbishment and maintenance aspect of property.

Thus we support clients in developing new property, refurbishing existing ones or moving into new space by the process of project inspection, sound professional and commercial advice and deploy multi functional teams to manage projects on clients behalf and ensure delivery ontime and on budget

Our motto is converting ( from raw space to usable environment)

Technical Excellence

with the end


Helping You

Plan, Forecast, Expand and Thrive


is always

Kept in MIND

while rendering the services

Project Management Services

We would like to provide our offer for Project Management Consultancy with the scope furnished below:

  • Study and understanding the nature Projects/ Drawings in detail and creating specification report as per the design/detail.
  • Quantification of Structural Civil works based on the Strl. Dwgs/informations provided to us.
  • Working out the quantities for the Architectural items in detail inconformity with the Strl. Details.
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities as per the Standard method of practice for all the items of work.
  • Abstract Estimation by applying the rate prevailing in the market and indicating the Basic rate for the finishing items.
  • Submission of Project Specification as considered in the Estimation for the reference and for the purpose planning by the Architects in Construction.
  • Conducting techno commercial meeting at various levels
  • Preparation of LOI / PO / Tenders for various scope of works
  • Pre-qualification of Tenderers, Bid Opening and Comparision of Tenders / Quotations.
  • Negotiating with Tenderers and Recommend most favorable Tenderer / Quotation.
  • Executing agreement with owner and finalized Tenderer / Quotation
  • Preparation of contract document and implementation of contract procedures
  • Monitoring of the Tenderers contractual liabilities towards the project including but not limited to insurances, labour licenses, bonds, indemnities till contract closure.
  • Preparing Project milestone schedule for various / relevant services for on-time completion of the project. This project milestone schedule would have sufficient detail to enable weekly monitoring of tasks and deliverables of all parties connected with the Project. The project milestone schedule would include schedule of construction, other agency involvement, and deliverables of all agencies related to the project.
  • Communicating with all parties connected with the project and coordinating all task and duties of the same.
  • Co-ordination with Architects for drawing requirement as per schedule.
  • Follow up with all consultants to ensure that the project is on schedule.
  • Recommending the suitable vendors for the respective works after getting quotations for the works from several vendors
  • Convene, Chair and Conduct weekly meeting at site of all relevant agencies and preparing minutes of meeting with details on weekly project milestone completions and plan to make up delays.
  • Assist client with all activities that are happening at the site.
  • Quality Monitoring as per the specification with material approvals, sample approvals, testing reports of cube tests on the site and maintain record of all other tests and findings.
  • Specific checklists would be maintained for various works at site to ensure stage wise checks. These would be closed only after completion of item work in full.
  • 'Problem lists' (snag lists) would ensure proper finishing and proper handover of finished section of work.
  • Safety plan, risk assessment and intermittent safety audits would be conducted.
  • Preparing weekly progress report.
  • Preparing monthly progress report.
  • Preparing monthly delay report.
  • Quality Monitoring as per the specification finalised.
  • Acceptance of contractors bill along with relevant supporting documents.
  • Recommendation of interim payment as per the contract documents within the time limit indicated.
  • Securitization of running bills on time to time and certify the bills as per the construction contract rates
  • Measurements would be taken on a continuous basis to ensure timeliness of all payment certifications.
  • Settlement of Non-tendered items of work along with relevant running bills based on actual work done at site
  • Maintain the Joint measurement records for the applicable item prior to execution.
  • Assist in resolution of difference and settlement of extra claims.
  • Procure approvals from clients for change orders and non tendered items without delay and maintain the status of these variation orders.
  • Updating change orders from time to time during the course of execution.
  • Follow Up and get amendment to P.O with clients and pass on to the contractor
  • Over all responsibility for smooth functioning of project right from start date to final bill.
  • Advice on updating specification documents to improve out quality/cost saving of work.
  • Project and maintain an updated cash flow requirements report.
  • Forwarding Monthly report to clients of budgeted cost and actual cost deviations.
  • Tracking the cost for various services on completion of projects.
  • Develop and maintain an updated Material Requirements Schedule based on the Project milestone schedule
  • Prepare Bills of Materials exhaustively paying attention to lead times for procurement.
  • Continuous Indent would be provided with procurement as and when required.
  • Reconciliation Statements with RA bills submitted by the contractor would be forwarded to the client with any wastages highlighted. Corrective measures can be suggested to the concerned parties.
  • Ensure timely and good quality commissioning of all aspects of the project.
  • Deliver operations and maintenance manuals
  • Deliver as-built manuals
  • Ensure all necessary documents are submitted to relevant authorities sufficiently in advance before any are required.
  • Co-ordinate with all parties to ensure inspections occurs on time.
  • Carry out final inspections with Client.
  • Prepare lists indicating the items of work remaining to be accomplished and ensure that these items are completed in an expeditious manner.
  • Ensure all defects are cleared prior to handover of space to Client.
  • Prepare certificates of substantial and final completion as required.
  • Check and certify final payment to all contractors
  • Issue Practical Completion Certificates as per requirement of client.


  • Project identification
  • Market survey
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technology search & tie up
  • Site selection studies

Basic Engineering

  • Pilot plant studies and scale-up
  • Process engineering
  • Commissioning assistance

Detailed Engineering

  • Architectural
  • Civil / Structural
  • Mechanical / Piping
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation & Control


  • Short-listing of Vendors
  • Floating inquiries
  • Evaluation of quotations
  • Preparation of purchase orders
  • Expediting


  • Pre-qualification of contractors
  • Tender preparation
  • Technical and commercial evaluation of bids
  • Preparation of contract documents

Project Management

  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Resource optimisation
  • Project Monitoring
  • Progress Report

Construction Management

  • Planning of Site Activities
  • Construction Supervision
  • Quality Guidelines
  • Monitor Qualitative Output
  • Joint Measurement

Management Consultancy

  • Business Advisory Services
  • Design and Implementation of Systems
  • Organization Re-Structuring
  • Financial Monitoring Services